In My Garden: it’s Springtime in the South

September is Springtime down here at the very tip of Africa. Been hanging out in my garden a lot, enjoying the slow shedding of the last bits of winter, and the happy signs of summer popping up everywhere:

Beautiful Indigenous Clivias: happiest in the cool of the shade

Potted Strawberry in flower: always worth the wait…..

From the lemon tree, up a slope full of shrubs and succulents, to the cottage-on-stilts behind…..

These two little eggs belong to a family of Cape Robins who set up nest in our garden shed a few weeks ago!

Cape Gooseberries: Sweetly tart and delicious….

Apple blossoms with backdrop of leafy green almond tree

Bulbanella succulent surrounded by ornamental grasses.
The leaf of the plant exudes a gel with many skin healing properties.

And more……

And so turn the seasons! wishing you all a beautiful week ♥

3 thoughts on “In My Garden: it’s Springtime in the South

  1. Annette 2022-09-17 / 4:23 pm

    Hi Amanda, its so great to see you back in blog land! You were missed. Lovely to see all the blossoms and flowers. Here in Cape Town the garden is a bit underwhelming, probably because I let the nasturtiums run wild!


    • amandAVN 2022-09-17 / 4:47 pm

      Thanks my Friend! Wildly running nasturtiums are no doubt better than a garden full of nothing, so well done you, I say!


  2. Brenda 2022-09-21 / 6:59 pm

    beautiful images and lovely to see spring while we advance into autumn here in the UK

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