Coffee, Tea, and Fairy Godmothers


#SoCS June 27/2020: Use a flirty phrase such as “coffee, tea, or me” in your post.


Coffee, tea, or me, she said suddenly, unclipping her hair so that it tumbled down in a thick, shining wave in front of him.

Wow, well that’s an easy one, he said. You, obviously. But how about we make this interesting. That’s a very nice Harley Davidson in the garage. How about we throw that into the mix?

What– like, coffee, tea or the Harley? she said.

No silly, I mean you or the Harley. Obviously.

No way! she said. That’s my brother’s. He would kill me. If you chose the Harley that is.

Well we wouldn’t want that, he said. Ok, how about that box set over there. That one on the bookcase. 

What– my mother’s complete collection of the Twilight Zone? Oh God no! I would be rendered homeless. Like, totally and immediately. 

Hmmm, you drive a hard bargain, he said. But I don’t give up easily. In fact I’m going for all three: the Harley, the box set, and you.

You must be joking! she said. I would like to see you try. Go on, show me how you plan to get THAT one right.

She leaned against the doorpost, smirking at him, the fingers of one hand playing with the ends of her hair.

He closed his eyes, breathed deeply in and then slowly out. For the next few moments everything in the room was very quiet, almost humming with silence. He seemed to be mumbling to himself. And then, a loud bang made her jump and puffs of blue and yellow smoke started filling the room. She coughed and spluttered in bewilderment, flapping her hands in front of her face, trying to see through the cloudy haze.

As the room slowly cleared of smoke, she gazed in astonishment at him now perched atop the Harley, which had somehow manifested in the centre of the sitting room, the box set already firmly strapped to the pillion.

She shrieked: But how…. What have you…..? She was wringing her hands, pacing up and down the room.

Well this is turning out out well! He was smiling broadly, patting the smooth chrome under his hands. Sorry Cindy, I guess you’re not the only one round here with a fairy godmother. All I need now is my third wish. He looked at her, winking and smiling broadly.

She stared back at him, slowly shaking her head. You’ve got to be joking, she said.

He laughed. Yes I am kidding actually. Don’t worry, I’ll be out of here in a minute. I’ve got a nice box set to be getting on with, you know. How about a nice cup of coffee before I go? Or tea maybe?