Lockdown Nails


#SocS 13/06/2020:Include the word ‘nail’ as a noun or a verb”



‘Covid-19 Emergency Line’, what service do you require please?

I don’t know— repairs, or DIY maybe.

Would that be household or motor vehicle sir? What seems to be the problem?

Well, I don’t know exactly— my wife tells me that everything is falling apart. But then she does tend to exaggerate. Maybe send the household guy: as far as I know the car is fine. She said something about ‘nails’, and things flaking and needing paint, so I guess household will do it.

Certainly sir, someone will be over there before noon. Please be sure to confirm your details in the link that I am about to send to your phone.




Franco arrived at exactly 11.30am. He pressed the intercom at the main gate. A voice came on in reply, clearly embarrassed.

Sorry to waste your time Franco. I just found out that you’re not our guy after all. Apparently we need an entirely different kind of nail guy.

No problem. I think I’ve got this. They don’t call me Fix-it Franco for nothing.




By the time the gate buzzed open for him to enter, Franco had fetched the vanity case from his car, the one containing emery boards and tiny metal clippers and buffing pads and jars of cuticle softener. And little glass bottles of paint and varnish. In a wide array of colours, of course.