Merely Mortal

My apologies, he said. Seems I managed to break one of your drinking glasses. Clumsy me. I was merely trying to pour a glass of water.

Did you say Merely? That’s cute, she laughed. And charming. And polite.

She looked at him closely. She didn’t recognise the voice or the face. Oh well, what’s a gatecrasher here and there, she thought. Especially cool-looking ones with fabulous hair and sea- green eyes.  

Well, I aim to please, he said, looking her up and down as she raised her glass to her lips, one hand on her hip which was now tilted towards him. And who are you? He asked. Besides being the host of this party, I mean.

Can’t you tell? She asked, twirling around in her sequinned black booties, showing off her tight red bodice with faux fur trimmings in white and green, and the black-ribboned choker necklace decked with tiny silver and gold bells. Mother Christmas, of course! Best time of the year. I just Looove Christmas!

He was standing very close to her now. He leaned in slowly and kissed her fully on her Christmas- red lips. Couldn’t help myself, he said. You look delicious, and I am merely mortal after all.

There’s that word again, she said dreamily. So dignified and charming. And irresistible.

Well in that case, Merely Christmas, he said, tilting the bottle of Champagne in his hand to top up her glass.

What did you say? she said.

Merely Christmas, he repeated, leaning in for a longer kiss this time.

She was ready for him.

She smacked him full on the mouth with her closed fist, her red and green bejewelled fingers splitting his lip on impact.

She lifted her glass to him as he staggered backward, eyes wide, his hand clasped over his mouth, red rivulets seeping through his fingers.

Merry Christmas, I think you mean, she said, before lifting the glass to her mouth and downing the contents in one long gulp.

Prompted by Linda G Hill at:

01/10/22: Includes a word that starts with ‘me’.