Things that go Buzz in your head


#SocS 20/06/2020 :  “zz… Find a word with double-z in it and use it in your post.”


Why earworm? I wonder. Worms are quiet. They go soundlessly about their business, unseen in their underground homes. Bees, on the other hand, are bright and overtly industrious as they buzz buzz buzz around the trees and flowers, till their short little black legs are puffy and yellow, thick with pollen until they can’t anymore. So why not earbee rather? To describe that One Song, that one particular melody/ chorus/ tune that keeps cropping up in your head for some reason? You don’t even like Dolly Parton or the Backstreet Boys or whoever the artist is, so why this, why now? Is someone trying to tell you something? And maybe that’s it: there is something a little creepy about the whole earworm thing– the thought of the blind worm quietly and stoically chomping away at your inner ear, unseen and unrelenting, somewhere there in the dark spaces of your own head. There is something a little Gothic about it all, and that worm will go only when it is ready–  silently disappearing, just as suddenly as it appeared. Oh, and you may well hear from it again, sometime, somewhere, just when you least expect it. Give me a sunny yellow honeybee to buzz around my head and brighten up my day anytime.