#SoCS: Life’s Rich Tapestry

So, Madam, on your plate tonight you have a Career Re-think and a dose of Covid about to take hold. And the dog has IBS. And the water meter outside your property has been stolen, so now there’s clean, drinkable water pouring down your street. Pity- I just hate that kind of waste, don’t you?

But that’s not what I ordered at all! I exclaimed. Take this back immediately, please, and bring me what I asked for.

The waiter smiled brightly. Aha! But that’s the thing, you see- at this establishment you don’t always get what you asked for. In fact, you rarely get what you asked for, especially on Pot-luck Night, which is most nights, by the way.

Well, I want what HE’s got, I said pointing to the table ahead of me. He’s got White Sandy Beaches and Tour of the Baltics lined up on his plate- that’s what I ordered.

The waiter was polite and patient. Again, Pot-luck, he said. Anything’s possible in this place. Did you notice our signage when you came in? He pointed to the ceiling with a sweep of his white-sleeved arm. I looked up. “Life’s Rich Tapestry” in bold blue neon letters winked down at me.

Well, I can’t deal with all this. It’s overwhelming. Maybe just leave the dog thing: I can probably handle that. I’ll take her to the vet. But the other stuff? A career re-think when I’m nearing 60? A dose of Covid? And don’t you know that COJ is in disarray- do you know how long it might take for them to replace a stolen water meter? No thanks. Take this plate away please.

Well, I’m afraid that’s not an option here. The waiter was smiling again, perhaps a little condescending this time. You see, you can’t leave until you’ve finished what’s on your plate. That’s the deal, I’m afraid. Just the way it is.

I sensed angry tears coming on, a sense of helplessness and even fear. I wanted to run away, anywhere at all, just out of here.

The waiter sat down just then, in the empty chair opposite me. His smile had softened as he spoke to me in low tones. That man over there, the one with the Beach and the Baltics on his plate- well don’t be too envious. He’s a bit of a nasty piece of work, and he doesn’t know it yet, but we’ll be dishing up some ‘Just Desserts’ for him once he’s finished his main course. He’ll be smiling on the other side of his face when I bring THAT to his table.

So, he continued, as he stood up. Best you get started, you’ve got a lot on your plate there. You’ll be fine, he added. Just remember to go with the flow. Oh, and don’t forget to self-isolate when you get home.

What do you mean? I asked.

Self-isolate, he repeated. For 10 days, for the Covid. Who knows? You might even enjoy the R &R. It’ll help you to prepare for all the other challenges ahead.

But how do I get the dog to the vet if I have to self-isolate? I asked.

He shrugged. You’ll figure it out, he said. You’ve got friends, family, neighbours. These things are sometimes sent to test us. And it’s often all part of something bigger. He was looking up at the ceiling. I followed his gaze. The signed winked at me again, like a gentle reminder. “Life’s Rich Tapestry.”

#SoCS Writing Prompts, Sat 26/11/22: ‘On Your Plate’.

Photo by Igor Starkov on Pexels.com

#SoCS: The Happiest Place

Is it that thing we all seek, where when we find it, we want to return again and again? The place that we keep in our hearts, where we feel at home and at peace when the world at large is wearing us down? Yes, it is, and maybe more besides. Can a place, a physical and geographical space, experience happiness? Do non-human entities experience happiness and other qualities that we normally associate with humanness, with the experience of being human in this world? If you could ask a place what would make it happiest, it might well tell you it would be happy if there were no humans in it…..

Spirit of Eden: Those two worry me. Getting a bit too sure of themselves round here. I can tell you now that pretty soon they’re gonna be sprouting a bunch of mini-me’s and start taking over the place.

Serpent: They seem nice enough. Not causing any harm that I can see.

Spirit of Eden: Yes, they are nice- always friendly and smiling. Not too bright though. I just don’t trust what’s coming once the offspring start arriving, all running about looking for food and shelter and the like. For now they seem happy in their little tree house, but in no time you’re gonna have droves of them all vying for access to the trees with the best view, and cutting branches off to build porches and family rooms and things, and it will just get worse from there, I can tell you. I just don’t trust them. You wait- soon they’re all gonna be running around in their numbers, pushing us around, acting like they own the place.

Serpent: Ok, So what next?

Spirit of Eden: We get them out. Before the damage starts. And here’s where it’s over to you, my fine friend. I’ve seen Miss Evey passing by under this very tree a few times lately, and she looks up into the branches and gets a certain look on her face- maybe she’s after one of these nice ripe apples, or maybe it’s your natural charms that put the sparkle in her eyes these days….

Serpent blushed a bit. You’re too kind, he said. So, tell me…. what’s the Boss’s feelings about all of this? I mean, he’s the one who bought them here in the first place.

Spirit of Eden: Well, I haven’t had a heart to heart with him about it, but I do check in with the old guy on occasion. He hasn’t said much but I suspect he’s beginning to share my concerns.

Serpent: Ok, so what do I do?

Spirit of Eden: You lead her astray, o charming one, by whatever means you deem necessary. And once the Boss sees that she’s been flouting the rules, well, he’ll take it from there.

Serpent: Ok, sounds like it could be fun. So, I’ll just wait up here then, shall I? Maybe I’ll just shed another layer while I wait- make sure my skin has that irresistible glow going on. I’m sure she’ll be along sometime very soon…..

#SoCS Writing Prompts, Sat 15/10/22: “Happy Place.”

Picture of Eve from Pexels

#SoCS: Eureka! What have we found?



20/03/21: Starts with Cal…

So what is ‘callousness’ without an O? It’s having a hard lump growing on the side of the foot. Oh wait, ‘callusness’ doesn’t make sense. ‘Callusless’ makes sense, sort of, as in being without a callus. It reminds me of that joke: what do you call a man with a shovel in the side of his head?- Doug. And a man without a shovel in the side of his head?- Douglas. But whereas that joke may bring on a bit of a chuckle, ‘callusless’ is not funny. It does not hit home, let alone hit the funny bone, because it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not in the dictionary. Although maybe it could mean something. Maybe even something profound. Remember that part in Forrest Gump where Sally Field says to Tom Hanks, “If God intended everyone to be the same, he would have put everyone in legbraces”, or words to that effect. And wow, it’s just dawned on me that leg braces have a ‘proper’ name: Calipers- Which is also a ‘cal’ word! This feels like a Eureka moment, although I don’t know what it is I have found, if anything. Is the universe trying to tell me something? About calipers? That feels a bit far- fetched. Maybe the universe is just reminding me that sometimes we would be better off if the exception could be the rule. That things like quirkiness, kindness and creativity (I didn’t plan that alliteration by the way, it just came out like that) should maybe be the norm, the default position, the basic standpoint for all of us. What a beautiful and interesting world we could create…..

Prompted by Linda G Hill at 
Stream of Consciousness Saturdays #SoCS: 20/03/2021