It’s eco, it’s online, and it’s part of the new normal.

Corn based, biodegradable dental floss packaged in glass

Near where I live there is a retailer that I used to frequent, where the doors remain closed after months, with no sign of change. While the harsh Lockdown regulations of a few months back have been eased more recently, this particular outlet has stuck to online trading only, and it seems they may keep it that way. From what I see, they are doing well and flourishing in the wave of online shopping that appears to be a big part of the new normal. Buying online is not something that has interested me much in the past: now and then I would order a book or two from overseas, or a DVD (although these days we use Netflix at home rather than DVDs), or something nice from Faithful to Nature in Cape Town. I have always enjoyed purchasing from FTN from time to time, because they sell the kind of products that I like and believe in from an ethical standpoint, and I love the way that they consider the environment and other pertinent issues as part of the normal run of their business. At a time where I sometimes feel that trying to get things done in an efficient and ethical way is like pulling teeth or jumping through hoops, it is  pleasure to find a local, home grown company that just gets it right in so many ways.

I have ordered from Faithful to Nature four times this year, including a 60th birthday package for a relative in another city, and it has ended in smiles each time. I doubt that I’m going to become a “Buy everything Online” kind of purchaser anytime soon, (weekly groceries and fresh produce for instance) but I believe that due largely to Covid, we are all aware of the catchphrase Online Retail at least a little bit more than previously.  It becomes more of a reality and a go-to option as we are encouraged to spend less times in shopping malls and in crowded area in general, and as we try to find a way to navigate through and past this Pandemic. And likewise, some of our other routines and habits previously taken for granted have by now been revised and remodeled a bit. Some people I know have not yet renewed their membership or returned to classes at gyms, studios and the like due to health concerns, and still prefer to order in rather than go out to restaurants. But in my case, Covid or not, I will continue to use this company, simply because I am so impressed at what they do.

Some of the ways that Faithful to Nature keeps coming back for more:

  • My delivery arrives in a cardboard box with paper taping and paper packaging inside. The delivery address sticker is a plastic label. And a sticker saying Fragile. No other plastic.
  • They help you track your delivery while en route with regular updates.
  • Efficient courier system: (Dawn Wing in Johannesburg). Delivery within a few days
  • Their statement to you arrives inside your package and includes a handwritten note: a nice touch.
  • They let you know when a product is out of stock before you order.
  • They have a rewards system, where points earned can be redeemed on future purchases
  • Free delivery on orders of over R400.
  • A very strict ingredients policy for each product, where they take into account environmental and personal health impact, and social impact. This can be viewed on their site.
  • Each product can be viewed individually on their site with a virtual magnifying glass.
  • Full product description for each item, with customer reviews  included.
  • Your account details includes a record of your previous purchases, and details of any rewards points due to you.
  • You can create and update a list of Favourites, and include any comments and notes-to-self.
  • They have a comprehensive filter system with a wide selection of of sorting functions such as vegan, locally made, fair trade, certified cruelty free, certified organic or containing organic ingredients. Two newer options which were added recently are the ‘palm oil free’ and ‘100% plastic free’ sorting function.
  • They offer a newsletter which you can subscribe to.
  • Plenty of pertinent information on the site, such as understanding terms like ‘Organic’, and the benefits and implications of choosing organic and other ethical options.

From their About page, signed by Robyn, their founder:

“I believe that you deserve to be able to purchase products where full product description is enclosed from absolutely honest ingredient lists; to country of origin and the cruelty free status of the item. The products that we choose to buy have a massive impact on the health of every creature on our planet. It’s a really big deal that we are empowered to make the best purchasing decisions that we can.”

Here is a selection some of my favourite items that I have bought from them recently:

back2nature_back2nature_fynbos_mask_sku67379_Back 2 Nature: Organic facial mask with kaolin clay and real South African fynbos & honeybush tea

sku60351-pure_simple_castile_pinetar_soap_large_1 Castile Soap, for all kinds of cleaning, from grating into laundry powder to facial cleanser (buy the unfragranced)

sku8646v1-boody-bamboo-ecowear-bra-nude-s-m-large_3Boody Bamboo Ecowear Bra: 80% organic bamboo, 13% nylon, 7 % elastane. (That’s not me there, by the way!) So comfortable to wear.

sku5254v1-lemcke-organic-virgin-coconut-oil250ml-large_1Lemcke Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Cold-pressed from fresh coconut fruit. This is like a comfort food for me! Delicious warm nutty fragrance. For cooking or topical facial and body oil

safix_safix_soap_rest_sku67098Fantastically simple and efficient Safix Soap Rest: 100% biodegradable, made from natural coconut fiber

_earthsap_earthsap_machine_handwash_laundry_powder_sku833_Earthsap Laundry Powder is based on pure natural ingredients including natural earth mineral salts & 100% natural oils. I use about half the recommended dose and supplement with Apothecary Oxygen Bleach (also available online at FTN)

Visit Faithful to Nature right here! …. Link to their FAQ page

2 thoughts on “It’s eco, it’s online, and it’s part of the new normal.

  1. jkaybay 2021-01-02 / 10:21 pm

    Let’s all be Faithful to Nature in 2021 🙂
    Happy New Year, Amanda!

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  2. amandAVN 2021-01-03 / 7:25 pm

    Hear, Hear! Thank you so much James. And here’s wishing ALL the very best for you for 2021.* 🙂 *

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